Staging Tip 1 – Still trying to sell your home after you have moved out? Stage IT! Vacant homes can feel cold, dark and even depressing. A professional Stager can bring in furniture and accessories to help the home appeal to the greatest number of buyers. The results are warm & inviting, drawing buyers from one room to the next!

Cleveland Area Home Staging

Staging Tip 2 – Don’t forget about the Mechanicals! No matter how great your home looks after professional Staging®, you will most likely have a home inspection before closing. If the buyer is given a laundry list of things that need to be repaired, chances are they will just look for another house.

Staging Tip 3 – What is the first thing to do before putting your home on the market? Put your best footage forward: Prep, paint, stage, scrub, improve, repeat. Your home needs to be in Top condition to compete in today’s market.

Staging Tip 4 – Small houses can leave a big impression! Smart investors know a vacant property is difficult for potential buyers to envision, ESPECIALLY in smaller homes! When staged with furniture & accessories, buyers can clearly see how their furniture will fit in the space!

Staging Tip 5 – Clutter Causes Stress! Overall, stress can also lead to depression, anxiety, immune system disturbances and even viruses, like the common cold, according to Get rid of the clutter & boost your overall health in the process!

Staging Tip 6 – Whether your home is tiny or grand, Staged By L offers a variety of staging options. We can do as much, or as little as you would like. Our goal is to bring out the very best of your home. We create an environment that is warm & inviting, which makes it easier for potential buyers to picture themselves living in the home.

Staging Tip 7 – Where do you begin when decluttering your home in preparation for sale? Keep it Simple! Start with those items that have no sentimental value. Leave the heirlooms, the kids school & art work for another day. Sort through those items that you know you have too many of, or you don’t really care about & can part with.

Staging Tip 8 – Staged By L can make the recommendations that will get your home SOLD! Step 1- The homeowners follow our recommendations to prepare the home. Step 2 – Our experts stage the home w/ furniture & accessories from our large inventory. Results – Your home looks better than the competition, sells faster and often gets multiple offers!

Staging Tip 9 – Staged By L can provide you with just the services YOU need – no more, no less! We can use our expertise to make your home look its best using the furniture you have, plus add additional pieces as needed.

Staging Tip 10 – How can you help your home stand out when there are lots of homes for sale in your area? Home Staging! Staged homes always look the best of the comps in the area.

Staging Tip 11 – Everyone knows the Top 3 rule in Real Estate: Location, Location, Location. What is your Top 3 when selecting a Professional Stager? Experience, Style, & INVENTORY! We have it all! Staged By L can CUSTOM select furniture & accessories from our large inventory to make your home look it’s very best! Can mix-matched rental furniture look the same? No way!

Staging Tip 12 – What is the least expensive way to change color in a room with the maximum amount of impact? PAINT!

Staging Tip 13 – Smart investors know the importance of a high-quality remodel! But pictures of the vacant home, even after the remodel, leave the buyer guessing. Staged By L can stage your home to demonstrates its assets & potential from the moment buyers see it! The less time on the market, the more MONEY in your pocket!

Staging Tip 14 – Two things sell a house: one is price & the other is Home Staging! Yet most homes have not been Staged and instead they keep dropping & dropping the price. Staging sets the scene in the home, it sets the ‘Stage®’ for the buyer to mentally move into. –

Staging Tip 15 – Staging Tip of the Day – How do you get curb appeal? One great way to get it this time of year is flowers. Be sure to plant a variety so that you will always have something in bloom!

Staging Tip 16 – Did you know Staged By L has Accessory Packages? Working with your existing furniture, we can bring in just the right accessories to make your home stand out from other listings. The results are beautiful & affordable!

Staging Tip 17 – Buyers have a difficult time envisioning how their furniture will fit in a vacant home. After staging- it all makes sense!

Staging Tip 18 – To make your house a home, use color to suite your own personal taste. But when selling a house, use color to lighten & brighten dingy walls or tone down loud color schemes.

Staging Tip 19 – had this to say: Two things sell a house- one is price and the other is Home Staging! Yet most homes have not been Staged and instead they keep dropping and dropping the price. Staging sets the scene in the home, it sets the ‘Stage®’ for the buyer to mentally move into. The investment in ASP Staging your home will always be less than a price reduction on your home!

Staging Tip 20 – How can you prepare your home for sale to look its best while you are still living there? STAGE® it!

Staging Tip 21 – Putting your house on the market? Good pictures are a MUST! A recent study showed 90% of home shoppers use the web and look at home photos first to determine which houses they will actually visit. Photos have become the new FIRST impression.

Staging Tip 22 – Give Your Home One Basic Hue. If you are going to be selling your home, there are some colors that may put off potential buyers. If you have rooms in colors like fire engine red or bright mint green, the buyer may be put off with just one glance. Choose one soft color and paint the whole home.

Staging Tip 23 – WHY STAGE YOUR HOME? Can’t potential buyers see past the decor? Only 1 out of 10 people can visualize what a room could look like with different furnishings. Buyers only see what is there without help from a home stager. This is especially true for vacant homes, which leave too much to the imagination for most people. Stage your home to appeal to the greatest number of buyers!

Staging Tip 24 – Staged to SELL! Smart investors know the importance of staging a property BEFORE it goes on the market to make that great first impression! Once agents have an impression about your property, they may not bring their potential buyers back.

Staging Tip 25 – Question: Is home staging® the same as decorating? NO! An interior decorator helps you personalize your space. A good stager helps you tone down a room’s personality to create a neutral space, so prospective buyers see how your home could fit their style. When done correctly, home staging encourages others to imagine themselves living in your home.

Staging Tip 26 – Ok, you have spent the time & effort to declutter & collect the things you just don’t use. Now give it to someone in need! Put donations into clear bags and place in the trunk of your car or better yet on the seat beside you so that you can see it. The visual clutter will help you remember to stop at a local church or charity!


Staging Tip 27 – Well informed investors know the importance of staging! When a property is vacant, potential buyers have a hard time envisioning how the spaces could be used. Using our large inventory of select furniture & accessories, Staged By L can make your investment look like a HOME!

Staging Tip 28 – They may have adored your home from the outside. But potential buyers can quickly change their yes to a no when they enter the home & see clutter everywhere. Logically, everyone knows a home will be emptied before selling, but the clutter can change the way potential buyers feel about the space.

Staging Tip 29 – Look at your whole property. Do you have out buildings, sheds, playhouses, etc.? Make sure all areas are easily accessible, clean, organized & throw on a fresh coat of paint. The majority of buyers today are not looking for projects! Help them see how easy it will be to move right in!


Staging Tip 30 – LEARN TO LET GO! Once you make the decision to sell your home, it’s NOT about your personal tastes. You will suffer less if you can emotionally come to grips with the fact that this is no longer your home the moment yo

You decide to sell, not when escrow closes. From the moment you make that decision, the property is not the place where you made so many memories. It is an asset to be sold. And you want to sell it for as much money as possible in the shortest time possible!

Staging Tip 31 – Remove overly personal decor. It may break your heart to take down your wedding photos but you want buyers to be able to imagine themselves filling the home with their own memories. So, pack up your collection of vintage posters & your Precious Moments! This process will also help you let go of the home emotionally as you prepare to pass it on to someone else.

Staging Tip 32 – DON’T forget the Garage! Clean floors, organize storage areas, maybe even throw a fresh coat of paint for the walls. Wash & clean windows in the garage area. When all areas of the home appear clean and well cared for, it will demand more attention from potential buyers & sell more quickly!

Staging Tip 33 –  Make a Great 1st Impression! Make sure your home greets your buyers with a great first impression. Never wait to stage your home until after it is on the market. Don’t let poor pictures ruin the first impression most potential buyer will have when they see your home on-line!

Staging Tip 34 –  When preparing your home for sale – LESS is MORE! Clear unnecessary objects from furniture throughout the house. Keep decorative items on furniture restricted to groups of 1, 3, or 5 pieces. A clutter free home with limited decorations helps the buyer imagine their own things in the space and mentally “move in”.

Staging Tip 35 –  Don’t forget the OUTSIDE! Be sure to enhance the exterior of your home & yard when showing your home. Be sure to repair or update exterior lights & shutters, doors may need to be painted or cleaned, kick plates may need to be replaced or added, & clean the yard of trash and debris.

Staging Tip 36 –  Just because you love it does not mean everyone else will! Ensure that your home appeals to the greatest number of buyers, which means NEUTRALIZE! If the color palette or decorating style is too far out, people will be put off by the “personality” of the home. Don’t make it difficult for buyers to visualize themselves & their own belongings in the house.

Staging Tip 37 –  Can I afford to stage my home? For some the word “staging” conjures images of an out-of-reach home with a giant price tag. The reality is most sellers would benefit from at least some level of staging. There are many ways to stage a home, from a simple one-time consultation, to a complete renovation of the home

Staging Tip 38 –  When putting your home on the market – it needs to be clean. And I mean REALLY Clean! To clean your home is to free it from dirt, pollutants, and other elements. Cleaning can also translate into organization and proper storage of your possessions to eliminate clutter. Cleaning is an important task and, although not the most fun, you & your house will feel great when you are done!


Staging Tip 39 –  Pets & real estate don’t go together! While your house is on the market, it’s a great idea to relocate your pets when showing the home. No matter how much you love pets, potential buyers may not! They may be distracted by pet odors, allergic to them, or just plain hate pets! This does nothing to enhance your home’s perceived value or help potential buyers see all your home has to offer!

Staging Tip 40 –  If the temperature is a little cool it creates a great opportunity to make your home a cozy & inviting spot for potential buyers. To help them escape from the cold, turn up the thermostat a few degrees, light a fire in the fireplace, or offer cookies and hot chocolate. Remember, when you encourage buyers to spend more time in your home, you also give them more time to admire its best features!

Staging Tip 41 –  Highlight your home’s strengths, downplay its weaknesses & appeal to the greatest possible pool of prospective buyers – STAGE it! Selling your home is a process you want to end as quickly as possible! By hiring an accredited professional home stager, statistics show your home will sell quicker & often for more money than your competition.

Staging Tip 42 –  Congratulations! You attacked the clutter in your home & separated the things you don’t use. What’s the next step? GIVE it to a worthy charity! Many organizations will even come & pick donations up from your house, so no need to transport them. Let someone else benefit from the things you don’t use!

Staging Tip 43 – Declutter! Where to begin? Ask yourself these questions: Have I used it in the last 6 months? How many of these same items do I really need? Have I worn this item in the last year? Getting rid of clutter now will make putting your home on the market so much easier when you are ready to sell!

Staging Tip 44 –  Home buyers usually start their house hunt from the comfort of their homes by browsing listings on line. To make a good first impression, have lots of high-quality photos of your home! And show a summer or spring photo of your home so buyers can see how it looks year-round.

Staging Tip 45 – Do I really need a “Professional Stager”? Our experts can declutter & stage your home using your own furniture + added accessories & artwork to help it stand out from other listings. Or stage your vacant property with furniture & accessories from our large inventory to make your home look like a model home. We want to help you sell your home faster & for more money!

Staging Tip 46 –  What can Staging do for you? Our experts can tell you exactly what to do to make your home appealing to the greatest number of potential buyers. Results – Your home may sell faster and for more money!

Staging Tip 47 –  When putting your home on the market – it needs to be clean. We are talking about “White Glove” Clean! Cleaning is such an important task & although not the most fun, you & your house will feel great when you are done!

Staging Tip 48 –  Create space! Furniture, art & accessories should be scaled to fit the room. Closets should be half full to make them appear larger. Remove excess furniture to make rooms look larger. Clutter eats equity!


Staging Tip 49 –  Look at your home from the point of view of a stranger. You’ll see the cluttered corners, rooms with too much furniture, piles of mail, multiple bottles of potions and lotions in the bathroom, piles of shoes at an entrance. Spaces will look larger with less – furniture, clutter, personal items. Less IS more!

Staging Tip 50 –  A picture speaks a thousand words! In a recent Wall Street Journal study, 45% of buyers do NOT read agent comments on properties they find online. Instead they rely on the PHOTOS of the house to either convince them to want to see more, or move on to the next online listing.